Here in upstate New York, we really embrace our summers because our brutal Northeastern winters can be long. Each season offers its benefits: summer is great for gripping in your backyard on your propane grill. Fall is the perfect time to take long walks, taking in the truly spectacular sight of colorful Autumn leaves. Winter is the time to nest indoors with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. Few activities can be enjoyed year-round as the environmental conditions fluctuate. However, one thing you can enjoy all year-long is a propane hot tub. Keep reading to find out why:


Sure, the temperatures soar in the summer, but they tend to drop once the sun has set. Therefore, you can enjoy sitting in the soothing bubbles of a hot tub with an ice cold beer, listening to the orchestra of the local critters. The sounds of crickets and birds chirping combined with the jets in your hot tub sooth your frayed nerves, helping you forget the stresses you encountered throughout your day.


Indeed, fall is an excellent time to soak in your hot tub. Nights become downright chilly, and the leaves in your backyard trees are changing colors. Why not take in this glorious sight by soaking in a hot tub? You may notice a quieter atmosphere in your backyard than in summertime, which offers an excellent change of pace. As we fall back, the days become shorter, but you can relax in your home spa whether or not the sun is out.


Winter is an excellent time for rest and reflection as temperatures drop well below your comfort level and the days are shorter than ever. Some days when you enter your home, you may feel like a popsicle from walking outside in single digit temperatures. Therefore, winter might be the best time for you to take advantage of your propane hot tub, which will warm your body and your spirits. Sit in your hot tub and admire the snowy landscape around you while sipping on a cup of hot cider. Soaking in your hot tub can be an extremely rewarding experience following a day of outdoor winter activities such as snowshoeing, skiing, or snowboarding.


The days are lengthening and the flowers are blooming, so spring is a welcome change from our chilly winters. Not only are the plants in your backyard coming back to life, but more birds and delightful little creatures are gathering around your home as well. What better way is there to witness such a glorious sight than from the comfort of your hot tub? Although the nights may still have a bite in the air, you’ll feel nice and cozy in the hot bubbles of your hot tub, soaking your achy body.  

With all of this information,we’ve concluded that there’s no bad time to own a hot tub. Keep in mind that your hot tub will need propane refills in New York. DiSanto Propane offers automatic propane delivery services so that you will never have to worry about running out of fuel again. Contact our propane company in upstate New York today to get started.