Part of DiSanto Propane’s commitment to our customers is to put their needs first. That commitment can take on a few different forms. For example, we have a 24/7 Emergency Service which can be reached at (800) 752-4574. Should any propane related emergency arise, we want you to know that we are a propane company that cares about more than the larger scale commercial fleet fueling jobs. Even if something as simple as a propane grill having a major issue were to arise, give us a call and discover the “DiSanto Difference”. Another aspect of the DiSanto Difference is that we offer monthly billing and fixed rates, so you can be sure to get stable propane pricing all the year round. This is particularly helpful if you are looking to balance your books and want to project for the next fiscal year. Knowing your propane bill is going to remain steady is just one less thing you have to worry about.

Another part of our commitment to customer service is our Mighty Flame Cylinder Exchange Program. We at DiSanto Propane are proud to partner with Mighty Flame to offer our customer base convenient Mighty Flame propane tank exchange locations all throughout the nation. Today’s post will be dedicated to exploring this program in a bit further detail. We will discuss the Mighty Flame program’s process and how you can use it, along with how it very well could make your life better in practical ways. Continue reading if you have ever wanted an easier way to swap out your propane tanks!


The Beauty

The beauty of Mighty Flame Propane Exchange is that you can swap your used tank for a brand-spanking-new tank, always at your convenience. If you are taking a road trip to see the grandkids on the other side of the country, for instance, you can use the Mighty Flame propane Cylinder Exchange Program on the fly. Swapping out your tank is so quick and easy, you will wonder why you just started using this program. All it takes is a few minutes’ worth of a pit stop and you’ll be on your way again to see the countryside! Getting a new, clean, freshly painted, and safety tested propane tank for your next cookout or barbecue has never been so easy.

Why Mighty Flame?

DiSanto Propane has chosen to partner with Mighty Flame because of their overall quality and commitment to excellence. Their service is exceptional and perhaps best of all, Mighty Flame offers an in-stock guarantee, so you can use our services with the confidence that there will always be a clean, safety tested, and ready-to-go propane tank wherever you need it. To find a Mighty Flame location near you, all you have to do is type in your location on their page found here. Some other reasons why we encourage our customers at DiSanto Propane to utilize Mighty Flame are as follows:

  • Reliability – Do you think that Mighty Flame would have locations peppered throughout the continental United States if we didn’t do things the right way? We have a reputation firmly based on reliability above all else. When you are looking for a fresh and safe propane cylinder, you know who to look for.
  • Tamper Resistant Packaging – Mighty Flame’s Tamper-Resistant Shrink Wrap Sleeve is made with the customer in mind. We guarantee both the quality and integrity of every Mighty Flame Cylinder you buy. That is the Mighty Flame and DiSanto Propane commitment to excellence.
  • Meticulous Attention To Detail – Part of Mighty Flame’s safety guarantee is that Mighty Flame has a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art propane tank cylinder refurbishing and safety inspection guarantee. This means that every single Mighty Flame propane tank cylinder is clean, precision-filled, leak-tested, and fully inspected and certified. Not to mention every propane tank we provide is branded for delivery to our propane exchange partners.

What Could You Do With Propane This Summer?

Propane fuel has many uses, including heating your home in the winter, powering kitchen appliances like stoves, powering RV appliances, generators, and of course, the propane grill. And with summertime just around the corner, the time is now to get your propane refill from DiSanto Propane.


Imagine It Now

Just close your eyes and imagine it now (not literally, keep reading, please): friends, football, family, and you are about to light your grill to get those sizzling burgers and hot dogs wafting up with their delectable aroma as soon as you can. But wait, you are struggling to light your non-propane grill. You start muttering to yourself about how you didn’t even want this grill for Father’s Day, you wanted the one you told your family about. You get even more heated when one of your friends, Steve, makes a comment about the “grillmaster” crown needing to be passed on to a more suitable brow. That fires you up like your grill needs to be. You start panicking and cursing out your friends. Babies start wailing, somehow in tune with the stress of the situation. Or maybe they are hungry too. Regardless, don’t be that guy this summer.

Propane Grills

The beauty of propane grills is that they are easy to light, safe when used properly, and save you the hassle of waiting for the burners or coal to heat up. Not only that, but the fine-tuning functionality of propane flames gives you a precision and control that other grills have a hard time matching. If those reasons weren’t enough to convince you, propane grills offer the easiest clean-up out there, because the burners cool more quickly than other grilling alternatives.

DiSanto Propane

If you are looking for a propane supplier with affordable pricing, reliable quality, and exceptional customer service, look no further than DiSanto Propane. So the next time you are wanting to search “propane refill near me,” remember that you can simply search for DiSanto Propane and we will take care of you. No matter if you are seeking commercial propane for fleet fueling for heavy machinery or are looking for a propane tank to get your through the summer BBQ season, DiSanto Propane is the upstate New York propane supplier of choice.