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Experience Alone Isn’t Enough

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Today’s post is one which foodies will likely enjoy. We are going to depart from dissecting the ins and outs of our own propane business in favor of some fun, interesting, and perhaps surprising culinary uses for the propane blow torch. If you are looking to pick up some tricks of the culinary trade in order to impress at a cocktail or dinner party, read on, this one’s for you.

Food and Drink

If you consider yourself something of an amateur chef, you may be intrigued about some of the many uses propane torches have in the world of fine dining. Now, we should state that proper precaution should be exercised if you are going to be using a propane blowtorch in your home which can get up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. With that in mind, there are very few worthwhile enterprises which don’t contain an element of danger. While we aren’t blowtorching experts by any means, we recommend using a propane torch over a butane one for two reasons. The first is that propane is less expensive than butane, and the second is that propane gets a bit hotter than butane. Practically speaking, both will be functional, but we always will choose propane given the opportunity.


For steaks, you’ll need to get serious. Consider getting an attachment to your blowtorch called a Searzall. It’s a cone-shaped attachment that you can snap on the top of your torch. The attachment will even out the heat distribution which means that instead of a blue flame searing a confined area, you will get an infrared flame which imitates a broiler to perfection. If you are wanting a steak with a bit of sizzle and crisp to it, brush it up with butter and watch the marble turn into a beautiful, flavorful crisp.


If you love the smell of campfire, you might really enjoy this technique to make a unique cocktail. This method will give your cocktail an uncanny woodiness inside the glass which will no doubt leave your house guests speechless.

Here is what you need to do. Use your propane torch to toast a piece of wood on a low-heat setting. Capture that smoke in a glass by holding the wood over the top. Give it a few moments to swirl around. Parade yourself and the glass around the room so everyone sees how good you look. The last step is to allow the smoke to leave while simultaneously pouring the cocktail into the glass. We recommend this method for whiskey and tequila-based drinks, and it surprisingly goes exceptionally well with a Bloody Mary. If you and your guests end up enjoying this kind of cocktail, feel free to experiment with different kinds of wood to experience various flavors and aromas. Pine will have a vastly different aroma than applewood, for instance. Finally a word of caution; whatever wood you choose, double check that the wood hasn’t been treated with chemicals which could have negative health effects and undoubtedly will leave a nasty taste in your mouth.


This propane torch use is great if you are looking for a dessert approach that has a great aesthetic appeal while at the same time is easy to do. All you have to do is get a stone fruit, like a peach or a plum, gut the pit, and coat the outside with brown sugar. What’s next? You guessed it. Blow the living heck out those plums with your industrial-strength propane blow torch. The fruit’s fructose will blend the brown sugar to caramelize in such a way…you’re gonna love it. If you want to class it up even more, try some whipped cream or yogurt to take it to the next level.

A final dessert you can make with a blowtorch is an “urban s’more.” Use the aforementioned Searzall if you have one in order to control your heat distribution if you are a rational human being who doesn’t participate in the beastly practice of charring your ‘mallows to the point of incineration. Your houseguests will be impressed. Everyone will love you. It’s gonna be great.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this exploration into the world of fine dining and propane blow torches. At DiSanto Propane, we love propane and our customers, which means that any bit of propane-related wisdom we can pass on to our readers is only a good thing! In our next post related to propane blowtorches (we can’t get enough), we will look at some practical and interesting uses around the house you might find enjoyable to read.  But remember, if you are looking for a propane supplier in upstate New York that goes the extra mile for their customers, there’s only one choice for you. If you are looking for propane delivery, propane heating services, fleet fueling, DiSanto Propane is the propane supplier that has you covered. Reach out to us today to learn more about our commercial and residential propane services.