You’ve made your decision; this summer is the summer for barbecues. There’s nothing else in the world you love more than having over your friends for a cookout. Sipping on an ice cold brewski and chatting about the latest episode of Game of Thrones while flipping burgers fills you with delight. With so much practice grilling up burgers, kabobs, veggies, and more, you’re evolving into quite the grill master. Your friends wait by their cell phones with baited breath waiting for you to text them an invitation to your next backyard event. Today we would like to list some helpful items to keep around for your outdoor parties.

A Booze Cooler

For a festive occasion, you will need a cooler filled with your favorite beer and chilled wine. You might even want to have a container filled with your favorite summer cocktail for your guests to enjoy. However, it’s easy to get dehydrated in hot weather, which leads us to the next item…

A Water Cooler

You also need a cooler filled with bottles of water and other non-alcoholic beverages. If children will be present at your party, make sure that there are beverages that they can drink as well. You could even provide some tonic water to serve as a refreshing mixer.

Tiki Torches

Tiki torches are always a good idea for backyard gatherings to keep the bugs away. Nobody enjoys coming home from a shindig covered in bug bites, and the citronella oil in tiki torches will keep them at bay. If bugs are particularly aggressive, you could consider our next item…

Bug Spray

Some mosquitos seem to be bionic in their ability to hover around their prey no matter how many tiki torches and citronella candles are burning. For extra protection against these truly horrible little blood-sucking creatures, keep a few cans of bug repellant on hand. Unlike the chemical sprays of the past, modern bug sprays can have a mild, pleasant odor without a sticky texture.

Paper Plates

The last thing you will feel like doing following a great barbecue is the dishes. Cut back on your dish load by providing paper plates for your guests. This way, you don’t have to worry about anyone dropping glass onto your outdoor surfaces as well, saving you from a potential disaster.

Paper Napkins

As delicious as your hot wings may be, they are one of the messiest foods you can eat. Make sure that you have plenty of paper napkins on hand so that your guests’ hands stay as clean as possible. This prevents you from having to clean sticky red fingerprints off of your surfaces later on.


Make sure to play some uplifting, relaxing tunes during your gathering. Your guests will appreciate your music, and people will feel more relaxed around one another.

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