Running an agricultural operation is difficult work and not meant for the faint of heart. Farmers need to run their operations as efficiently as possible in order to yield the most profits. Farming is a profession that often runs in the family, with the profession going back several generations. In the past fifty years or so, the amount of farmers in the country has drastically reduced as people flock to bigger towns and cities for other professions. However, for the families still operating their farms, over 830,000 rely on propane energy to fuel their equipment. Let’s explore the benefits of using propane to fuel your agricultural operations:

Reduce Costs

Propane engines can cost up to $6000 less than their diesel counterparts and save up to $7 per hour in fuel costs.

Reduced Emissions

Did you know that propane irrigation systems can reduce up to 11 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel systems? In comparison to gasoline-powered systems, propane produces almost a quarter fewer emissions. Both the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the National Energy Policy Act of 1992 approved of propane as an alternative energy source. When you work outside in the elements, you develop an appreciation for the land, and harvesting crops in an environmentally responsible manner is very important.

Stay Off The Grid

Using propane to power your operations could finally help eliminate your dependence upon the grid. Propane is a flexible, easily available energy source that can be used for heating buildings, adding grain dryers, or fueling irrigation engines. When you fuel your operations with propane, you don’t have to run additional electric lines or search for a natural gas line. When you hire DiSanto Propane, we’ll install, service, and deliver propane directly to you, making it the most convenient propane source.

Propane Is Supplied In The US

Another advantage of propane is that about 70 percent of the fuel is harvested right here in the United States. This helps keep fuel costs low because it travels shorter distances and is readily available. This also helps reduce our dependence on foreign countries for fuel sources as well.


Propane can be used to power many different aspects of your farming operations. Not only does propane power irrigation machines, but it also fuels grain dryers, standby generators, pickup trucks, and more. Many farming operations use propane to power their lawnmowers and flame weed control engines as well. Over eighty percent of farmers choose to fuel their grain dryers with propane because of its high-efficiency rates. Propane grain dryers also help reduce yield loss because increased efficiency means that you will leave fewer crops on the field.

Not only will you help increase your efficiency and your profits by switching to propane, you will also reduce your environmental impact. Harvesting the earth’s bounty instills in farmers an appreciation and respect for their land. Respecting the earth means taking advantage of eco-friendly technology so that you will responsibly produce crops for many generations to come. DiSanto Propane installs and services propane directly to our customers. With our automatic delivery scheduling, you’ll never have to worry about running out of fuel to power your operations. Contact DiSanto Propane today for all your propane services in New York.