Since 1937, DiSanto Propane has supplied propane to upstate New York. In previous blogs, we’ve discussed the many benefits of powering your home with propane. Not only is propane considered a green source of energy, but it also boasts an excellent safety record due to strict industry regulations. Homeowners across the country enjoy the efficiency of propane, which could mean smaller energy bills for you when your home is propane-powered. However, residences aren’t the only benefactors of propane; businesses can use propane as an energy source as well. Many businesses that operate forklifts use propane to power their vehicles. Today, we would like to explore the benefits of using propane to power the forklifts in your business.

Refueling Benefits

When you operate an electric forklift, it takes up to eight hours to recharge, which could have a negative impact on your business. When your workforce gets overwhelmingly busy, you may not notice that you run out of fuel until it’s too late. However, if you have a propane forklift, it only takes about five minutes to change out your propane cylinders. The last thing that you want during peak hours is to be down a forklift because it’s recharging, and propane forklifts take only minutes to refuel so that your business can run as efficiently as possible.

Propane Is Cost Effective

If you run outdoor operations where higher speeds are allowed, propane forklifts are the right choice for your business. Propane allows your forklifts to run on 100 percent power throughout operation, which optimizes productivity so that you can increase your profits.

Save Money On Maintenance

Were you aware that propane forklift engines last twice as long as gasoline forklifts? The longevity of propane forklifts saves you money on maintenance costs down the road. When your engine lasts twice as long, you will not have to buy new engines as frequently, which also saves your business valuable money.


All propane-powered vehicles must adhere to stringent safety regulations to avoid accidents at all cost. You want your workplace to be a safe place for you and your team members. All propane forklifts include automatic shutoff safety features to halt the flow of fuel in case of an accident.

Fewer Emissions

Not only is propane an efficient source of energy for your business, but it also is a relatively clean source of energy as well. In fact, propane forklifts produce less carbon monoxide, hitrogen oxide, hydrocarbon, and other emissions than both gasoline and diesel forklifts. The efficiency rate of propane forklifts is 90 percent, and natural gas forklifts are 87 percent, diesel is 85 percent, and gasoline is 82 percent. In fact, propane forklifts are so efficient that you could receive tax credits for powering your machines using this eco-friendly fuel.

Reduced Dependence On Foreign Oil Sources

Over 70 percent of propane is sourced in the United States, which decreases our level of dependence on foreign countries for fuel. This also means that propane will not have to travel as far to reach your business, keeping costs low.

Are you ready to make the switch to propane forklifts? Not only could your business receive tax credits, but it could save money by boosting efficiency and lowering maintenance costs. When you choose DiSanto Propane for your propane services in upstate New York, you’ll have a steady, reliable supply of propane. Not only do we install and service propane to our customers, but we also provide automatic delivery scheduling so that you’ll never have to worry about running out of fuel. Contact our propane suppliers today to get started. We’ll make the entire process as easy as possible for you so that you can experience the benefits of fueling your business with propane.