Propane is a truly fascinating and interesting energy source. Since 1937, DiSanto Propane has provided propane services to upstate New York. As a family-owned business, we take customer service very seriously. Our goal is to provide you with propane using the most convenient, affordable, safe, and timely methods available. Through several generations of operations, we’ve evolved our services to stay ahead of the game. By managing your account online, keeping track of and paying your bills is easier than ever. Are you interested in fixed-rate billing? We offer Stable Propane Pricing for our customers to avoid experiencing a surge in prices when you need propane the most. When you schedule our automatic propane delivery services, you’ll never worry about running out of propane again. Today, we would like to explore some truly fascinating and fun facts about propane.

Walter O. Snelling

In 1911, Pennsylvania native Walter O. Snelling was the first person to identify propane as a volatile component in gasoline. As soon as he was aware of the potential of propane, he discovered a way to bottle the gases. Just a year later, people began using propane as an energy source.


Most people are able to detect propane leaks because of the rotten egg odor smell it emits. However, propane itself is odorless. An odorant is added to the gas specifically for the sake of safety.

Propane Furnaces

In our opinion, propane furnaces are far superior to electric furnaces. Propane furnaces generate a warmer heat and last an average of 8 years longer than electric furnaces.

How is Propane Produced?

Propane is a produced by crude oil refinement and is also a byproduct of natural gas processing. In fact, about 90 percent of the propane used by our country is produced here in the United States. The other ten percent is produced in Canada and Mexico. Propane is distributed through 56,000 miles of pipeline to over 6,000 retailers.

Agricultural Use

Almost 900,000 farms use propane as an efficient, clean, reliable energy source. Propane is often used to control both the pest control systems and irrigation systems. It also fuels processes such as flame cultivation, food refrigeration, fruit ripening, and grain driers.

Environmentally-Friendly Fuel

Propane energy is not considered a greenhouse gas and is instead a green source of energy. Both the National Energy Policy Act of 1992 and the Clean Air Act of 1990 approved of propane as an alternative energy source. Another environmental perk of propane is that it doesn’t pool, spill, or leave any type of residue. This means that propane will not contaminate the groundwater or soil.


Did you know that some propane appliances achieve energy efficiency rankings of 95 percent or higher? Some propane tankless water heaters have an efficiency ranking of 98 percent. Not only is switching to propane good for the environment, but it can save you money as well.

Isn’t propane a wonderful energy source? If you would like to reduce your carbon footprint and save money, switch to propane. Contact DiSanto Propane for our propane services in upstate New York. We can service, install, and deliver propane, making your life easier.