Grilling is one of the most American activities of all time. That said, a variety of different occasions throughout the summer and well into fall can be perfectly celebrated with a good old-fashioned cookout. After all, most people scramble to try to spend as much time outdoors as possible during the summer. Cooking, eating, and drinking together while enjoying good conversation and good company is a truly wonderful experience.Today, we would like to list some occasions best celebrated by firing up your propane grill.


Did your son or daughter graduate from high school or college? Celebrate this milestone with some delicious cheeseburgers. Most students simply aren’t fussy about what they eat, and they might surprise you with how many cheeseburgers they can scarf down in one sitting. Cooking up burgers and brats is an easy way to feed a large crowd of hungry teenagers and young adults.


Did your husband recently get promoted at his current workplace? There’s simply no better way to show your love and support of your man than by cooking him a delicious steak. Make sure that his steak is nice and tender on the inside with a bit of char on the outside. He will feel so loved and appreciated, which only encourages him to be a better husband to you. It’s a win-win situation, really.


This one might seem like a bit of a stretch, so hear us out. The fanfare of traditional weddings holds absolutely no appeal for some couples. If you’ve been married before, maybe you want a more low-key affair with your friends and family. If you dread the thought of wearing a fancy dress, a casual backyard barbecue might be way more your style. You don’t have to drop thousands of dollars on clothing, venues, and catering to have a great wedding.Grill up some kabobs instead.


If you recently got engaged, why not celebrate it with a laid-back outdoor party? Your friends will have so much fun sipping on cocktails and chatting, and they will be so excited for you. However, they’ll be equally as excited to eat your legendary cheeseburgers as well.


Different anniversaries call for different types of events. If holding a fancy anniversary party in a hotel conference room holds no appeal to you at all, have a barbecue instead. Grill up some hot wings, brats, burgers, and kabobs for a feast to die for. Everyone will have a rollicking good time flitting about and noshing on finger food as they wait for delicious cheeseburgers. Toast one another with some champagne or sparkling wine and enjoy the evening.


For those of us born in the dark days of winter, we envy people with summertime birthdays. People are just more open to going out when the days are warmer and it actually feels good to be outside. Do us a favor, and invite us to your summer barbecue shindig.

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