Here at DiSanto Propane, we’ve been supplying both businesses and residents of New York with propane since 1937. Throughout the years, our family-owned and operated business has established a reputation for dependability and reliability. With safety as our number one priority, our propane company also provides our customers with quick turnaround times and timely deliveries. As a propane company, we’ve heard a significant amount of myths surrounding this energy source. Today, we would like to address some of these myths to provide you with a more comprehensive knowledge of propane.

Propane Isn’t Safe

According to the Canadian Propane Association, propane is considered one of the safest sources of energy available. The propane industry provides equipment, training, and handling that follows stringent regulations to ensure the safety of users and the environment. If liquid propane ever leaks, it vaporizes and dissipates into the air. Propane cannot harm water or soil, either. Therefore, no mess remains for you to clean up and the environment remains unharmed. Most propane models include automatic fuel shutoff, which further ensures safety. Although propane units can emit breathable gases that could be harmful in an enclosed space, venting is required for all propane units.

Propane Takes Forever To Heat Up

In fact, the exact opposite is true: propane tanks are attached directly to the heater, which results in up to 98 percent efficiency in your heating system. Fast and efficient, propane delivers immediate warmth to your home because you don’t have to wait for the unit to warm up.

Propane Systems Are Gigantic

The good news is that there are functional and elegant propane units used to heat your home. Some of the most beautiful fireplaces that we’ve seen have been propane-powered, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at it. Compact propane boilers or furnaces are also available to heat your residence or your business as well.

Propane Is Inconvenient

In the US, propane is one of the most convenient energy sources available, and almost 90 percent of the propane that we use is produced in our country. DiSanto Propane makes the entire process of converting to propane as easy as possible because we install and service the propane to your home ourselves. Additionally, we deliver propane directly to your home and set you up with our automatic delivery scheduling so that you will never have to worry about running out of propane. Because propane can be transformed into a liquid, it can be used anywhere, making it more convenient than natural gas lines.

Propane Is Expensive

The cost of heating your home using electricity is almost twice as much as what it could be if you heated your home with propane. Upstate New York is well-known for our brutal winters, and heating your home with electricity can take up a huge chunk of your monthly expenses. Stay warm and save money by switching to propane.

Now that you know the truth about propane, what are you waiting for? Contact DiSanto Propane to learn more about our propane services in New York today. We will happily guide you through the entire process, from the pricing to the propane delivery and more.