Is fall not one of the most magical seasons of all? Now that the dog days of summer are finally over, you can finally utilize a variety of propane appliances for the ultimate relaxing evening. What does such a perfect evening look like?

Your Better Half

A perfect evening requires the company of your favorite person in the world, so if you have kids, drop them off at the in-law’s house. There’s nothing quite like sharing a quiet moment with your better half, away from the distractions of our everyday life.

Start With a Bottle of Wine

Open your favorite bottle of wine to sip with your loved one. Are you not a fan of wine? You could indulge in some craft beef instead, or mix up some fancy cocktails to enjoy. However, tonight, we recommend staying away from cheap wine, mediocre beer, and rotgut liquor. Nothing kills your good time faster than an upset stomach.

Add Some Cheese to That

Slice up your favorite cheese to place on crackers. You need to begin your evening with delicious appetizers, and this combination is simple, easy, and delicious.

Fire Up The Propane Grill

Next, fire up the propane grill. What are your favorite grilled foods? Traditional grill meisters might enjoy a good steak or some cheeseburgers. For something slightly different, you could try grilling up some kabobs.

The details don’t matter; simply grill your favorite foods and dine al fresco. Enjoy the cool evening dining together in your backyard. Have a few laughs and enjoy eachother’s company.

Take a Dip

Following your relaxing dinner, take a dip in your propane hot tub and feel the stress of the day melt away. The warm water and soothing bubbles are sure to feel delightful. Of course, clothing is optional.


After sufficiently marinating in your propane hot tub, it’s time to go back inside. Once you’ve dried off, curl up in front of your propane fireplace. Although the night may be cool, you’ll stay warm and toasty in front of your comforting fireplace.

Watch a Movie

All too often, our lives seem so busy that we can’t take a couple of hours off to watch our favorite movie. Now is the time. Whether you are a horror movie aficionado or you love foreign films, take this time to watch your favorite flick.


You didn’t think we forgot dessert, did you? We simply waited a few hours because you probably overindulged during dinner. How about some molten chocolate cake paired with a scoop of vanilla icing and topped with hot fudge sauce? You can’t say no to that unless you hate chocolate, and if you do, we don’t want to know you.

What a wonderful night! However, this night could be ruined if you run out of propane. DiSanto Propane offers automatic propane delivery so that this will never happen. Since 1937, we’ve provided businesses and homes with propane services all across upstate New York. Contact DiSanto Propane today to get started