Are Your Ready for May 16? May 16 represents a holiday that you may not even be aware of, which is the National Barbecue Day. Barbecuing is considered as  American as apple pie. No matter what part of the country that you live in, people love gathering together their loved ones and grilling together. Here in upstate New York, there’s nothing we love more than to finally hold a barbecue with our friends after weathering a tough, long winter. Today, we would like to explore some different barbecue styles in the many diverse regions in the United States:

Kansas City

Kansas City was considered a meatpacking hub back in the day, so no type of meat is off limits when it comes to barbecues. The Kansas City form of barbecue involves slow-cooking meats on low heat settings for long periods of time. This city’s barbecue sauce is characterized by tomato-based sauces with sweet molasses that is oh-so hearty and delicious.


Texas barbecue can be divided into two different styles according to region: East Texas and Central Texas. East Texas barbecue primarily consists of two different types of meat, which are beef and pork. Unlike barbecues in different regions of the country, East Texas barbecue meat is chopped instead of sliced. Served between two buns or Texas toast, East Texas barbecue is not complete without a heaping portion of hot sauce.

The barbecue in Central Texas contrasts greatly with East Texan barbecue because it is influenced very much by the German and Czech immigrants who populated the region back in the day. Central Texas barbecue includes huge portions of slow-cooked brisket or ribs smoked over oak or pecan wood. Sauces are served on the side, and the meat always takes the center stage.


Memphis barbecue is characterized by either pulled pork or pork ribs that have been treated with a dry rub with spices such as paprika, garlic, and other secret ingredients. Cooked in a large pit, these meat dishes are served with a thin and tangy tomato-based sauce.

South Carolina

Like Memphis barbecue, South Carolina barbecue involves pulled pork shoulder or pork ribs, but the sauce is much different. This type of sauce is actually mustard-based with vinegar and brown sugar.

North Carolina

Like its Southern counterpart, North Carolina barbecue uses pork in its famous barbecue and brushes it with a mixture of vinegar and spices while cooking. However, the sauce is ketchup-based. In Eastern North Carolina, the entire pig is used when barbecuing instead of only the shoulder and ribs.

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