In our previous post titled “Fascinating Uses For Propane Torches: Fine Dining,” we explored a few of the many propane blowtorch uses which anyone could employ at a dinner or cocktail party. We detailed how you could give any whiskey or tequila-based beverage the added element of a woody smokiness. We also outlined a few steak preparation techniques in addition to a couple of delicious dessert ideas which are both aesthetically appealing and easy to prepare.

In today’s post, we are going to highlight some surprising yet pragmatic uses for a propane blowtorch you could employ around your house. Continue to read if you are interested in picking up some handy tricks!

Loosen Those Sticky Nuts And Bolts

Have you ever been so frustrated by trying get an old rusty nut and bolt combination, your wrench slips off the groove, and you end up bashing your knuckle and cursing in front of your son, who just wanted to watch and learn how his dad uses tools, so he can grow up just like him one day? Quite frustrating. Try this old mechanic’s trick on for size; heat the fastener with a propane blowtorch before you end up cranking on it with a wrench. It’s essentially the same concept as running the lid of a jar over hot water if you are having trouble opening it in front of your son, who just wanted to watch dad be strong and open up the jam jar. At any rate, the heat will cause the metal to expand and rust to break loose. The fastener now turns, and you are the hero your son wanted. 

Strip Paint

Need to strip some paint? Propane blowtorches will do the trick. Like we mentioned in our previous post, we prefer propane (naturally) over butane because propane burns at a higher temperature. All you need to do is hold the flame roughly six inches from the spot in question and heat the finish until paint bubbles start appearing. The trick with this method is that you’ll want to keep the torch consistently moving over the entire area so you don’t wind up torching a single spot. Next, get a scraper to easily remove the softened paint. You can use this approach on varnish and to remove caulk as well.

Driveway Crack And Weeds

Nothing on earth gets under our skin quite like weeds popping up in the driveway and around the yard. But thanks to propane heat and blowtorches, you can say goodbye to those chemical weed killers. You can also forget about dirtying your hands and knees by bending over and plucking them one by one. You can burn those weeds between the pavers in your footpath or surfacing through the cracks in your driveway. Torching weeds, despite what some might say, works well. But exercise caution if you can. 

As a supplemental piece of advice, you can permanently keep those pesky weeds from resurfacing through the asphalt or concrete, use the propane torch to fix the cracks. Go to a hardware store and pick up a crack and joint filler (such as a Pli-Stix) which are specifically made for use with a torch.  Clear out sticks and pebbles and any miscellaneous debris out of the cracks, then place the filler inside the crack and promptly torch it. No more weeds. Didn’t know that was a thing? Now you do.
Remember that DiSanto Propane does much more than provide you with propane torch tips and strangely specific hypotheticals. As fun and helpful as they can be, it’s time to focus on the summer of cookouts and propane grills. If you are looking for propane pricing on residential or commercial propane services, we have you covered. Get your propane tank refilled by the premier upstate New York propane supplier, DiSanto Propane. Get in touch with us today!