Now that we are well into the month of May, the temperatures are beginning to rise. Before we know it, we’ll find ourselves in the midst of summer. What do you think about when you think about summer? Some of you may be frequenting the local pool and working on your tan. Others might be spending more time in the great outdoors camping. Fruit and vegetable harvests are bountiful in the summer, making this the best time to eat fresh-grown food. Another key player in summer is your propane grill. Having people over to relax and drink ice cold beer while grilling is one of the greatest activities ever. For vegetarians, grilling can be a little tricky, despite the abundance of delicious vegetables in season. Today we would like to offer some vegetarian grilling options that go way beyond throwing a frozen veggie burger on the grill:

Tomato Salad With Grilled Bread

Panzanella is the Italian word for “bread salad,” which is perfectly appropriate for this time of year. Grab some ripe, juicy tomatoes from your local farmer’s market along with a red onion and some arugula. You will also need one garlic clove, some salt, some red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, ricotta, and a loaf of country bread. Before grilling, mash your garlic clove into a paste and add a pinch of salt. Set this paste aside in a large bowl and then add the delicious tomatoes, some minced onion to your taste, a splash of vinegar, and about a half cup of olive oil. Let this mixture sit for about one to two hours so that the flavors can marinate together. Once the time is up, fire up your grill and cut the bread into half inch pieces. Brush the bread with olive oil and throw it on the grill long enough to be toasted. Keep in mind that bread cooks extremely fast on the grill, so watch it. Once the bread is properly charred, let it cool for a minute, and then top it with the tomato mixture.

Grilled Stuffed Peppers

What’s better than ripe grilled peppers in the summertime? Ripe grilled peppers stuffed with cheese! For the cheese, you will need to create a mixture of cream cheese, parmesan cheese, and ricotta cheese in a bowl. Season the cheese mixture with salt and pepper to your taste. You can stuff your favorite peppers with this cheese combination and grill them until they are blistered and charred, which takes about seven minutes. Poblano peppers and bell peppers are great for stuffing, and jalapenos are great for those who prefer their peppers on the spicier side. Either way, these cheesy grilled peppers will be a hit with both meat eaters and vegetarians alike!

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