With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, some of you may be craving a different kind of meal. Don’t get us wrong; you love turkey and Thanksgiving, but you’re thinking about venturing outside of your comfort zone this Turkey Day.

Are you a fan of spicy, rich food? Traditional Thanksgiving dinners certainly are rich but lack any extra heat. However, you can add some zest to your dinner by cooking a Cajun-inspired meal on your propane stove top. Let’s get cooking!

How Is Cajun Food Different?

The word “Cajun” derives from les Acadians, which refers to the French colonists who lived in the Acadian region of Canada. Today, this region includes Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. In the 1700s, British settlers took control of the region and kicked the French settlers out during The Great Upheaval.

Seeking out a new place to call home, the French settlers traveled way down south to Southern Louisiana, an area abundant in bayous and flatlands. Using their French culinary skills, the Acadians took advantage of the abundant seafood, wild game and other available food to create unique, delicious food.

Of course, Italian and German settlers also influenced the local cuisine as well. Back in the day, refrigerators weren’t available, so locals made use of the entire slaughtered animal. One of the most important aspects of Cajun food is seasoning, which is usually spiced with cayenne pepper to add some heat. Other Cajun spices include thyme, paprika, parsley and ground sassafras leaves. Most of the dishes include the “holy trifecta” base of onion, bell pepper and celery for a rich, savory flavor.


Would you like to add some kick to your turkey recipe? Try roasting a Cajun-spiced turkey, which is seasoned with Cajun spices and stuffed with the holy trinity blend of chopped vegetables.  For anyone who loves a little extra heat, this is perfect!

Cajun Seasoning

You may be wondering if you need to make your own Cajun seasoning or you can simply buy it. Many delicious Cajun spice mixes are available at the grocery store and online for pickier folks.

If you’re more of a DIY foodie, you may want to make your own Cajun seasoning mix. Cajun seasonings usually include salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, paprika, oregano, thyme and onion powder. You may love your Cajun seasoning so much that you throw it on all your food!


No, a Turducken is not a mythical creature; it’s a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck stuffed into a deboned turkey with layers of stuffing mixed in. Associated with Cajun cuisine, this dish is not for the faint-hearted. In fact, you may have to take breaks while eating this rich, meaty dish.

Cooking such an entree is quite an undertaking, so we recommend buying it pre-made from your local grocery store. However, we know that some of your foodies will balk at that suggestion, so go ahead and find some Turducken recipes online and go to town.


No turkey dish is complete without a heaping dose of gravy! Like any good Cajun dish, this gravy starts with a rich roux for a layered flavor. Living in the bayous, Cajuns often added shrimp and crawfish to their dishes, and both are included in this dish.

Dirty Rice

Instead of mashed potatoes, try cooking up some dirty rice, a Cajun staple. Traditional dirty rice is made with pork and chicken livers, but you can find a variety of different dirty rice recipes to suit your tastes. Of course, dirty rice includes a savory blend of spices and usually the holy trinity of vegetables.


No delicious Southern dish is complete without flaky, amazing biscuits. Delicious in their own right, biscuits taste absolutely divine when you use them to sop up your Cajun gravy. Don’t be surprised if tears of joy run down your guests’ cheeks as they devour your homemade biscuits.


Cajuns love their bourbon, so we recommend pouring your favorite bourbon into a punch for guests to enjoy. This is sure to make your Thanksgiving dinner even more exciting!

Are you hungry yet? Ramp up your Thanksgiving by adding a Cajun twist to your meal. With so much cooking to do on your propane kitchen appliances, you’ll need to make sure that your fuel supply never runs out.

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