Here at DiSanto Propane, we went all out for Halloween, decorating our propane fireplaces, attending Halloween parties, and wearing elaborate costumes. October was such a spooky good time, but now we can finally get some much-needed rest this November.

With Daylight Saving shortening our days, this month is a time to lounge around at home and get comfy. What activities consist of the most perfect lazy November Day?

A Nice, Rich Breakfast

During the week, you generally rush around getting ready for work and don’t have the time to cook an amazing breakfast. Now that it’s the weekend, it’s time to get cooking on your propane cook top.

Crack open some eggs and cook them to your liking, which could be sunny side up, scrambled, or you could even make yourself a fancy omelet. No delicious breakfast is complete without baking some rich, fluffy biscuits in your propane oven.

Whatever breakfast you decide to cook yourself, make sure to enjoy a hot cup of coffee filled with your choice of toppings. Since it’s the weekend, you could even throw in a little extra creamer. Why not?

Read an Actual Book

It seems these days that our noses are always buried in our phones, but could these constant notifications from our devices be adding to our stress? Try taking a break from all that and put your phone away.

Pick up your favorite book, which is preferably a real paper book and not an ebook. Make sure that you are still wearing your pajamas and curl up underneath your favorite fuzzy blanket in front of your propane fireplace. If you have a dog or cat, hopefully they are cuddled up with you.

Get lost in the story. Don’t worry about all the things you need to get done, because this moment is all about rest and relaxation.

Go For a Walk

As the colorful leaves are still falling from the trees, take advantage of the crisp fall air and beautiful scenery by taking a walk. Nothing clears the mind like a nice walk, and if you have a dog, by all means, take Fido with you.

Drink a Hard Cider

Fall is the harvest season for a variety of fruits and vegetables, including apples. What better way to consume such a nutritious fruit than in the form of a hard cider? Depending upon your tastes, you may prefer a dry, crisp cider or a sweeter cider. Enjoy!

Go To Bed Early

Although you may have stayed up till the break of dawn during your college years, those days are long over. When it gets dark early, you’re more likely to go to bed earlier. Sleeping under the warmth of your cozy comforter on a cool fall night is absolutely divine.

Eat a Piece of Chocolate Cake

On such an indulgent day, it’s only natural that you should dig into a rich, creamy piece of chocolate cake. Not only is chocolate delicious, it also contains high amounts of antioxidants, so you are doing something good for your health. At least that’s what you can tell yourself as you indulge in your slice of cake.

By following these simple instructions, you will feel happy, relaxed, and rejuvenated. However, you could feel stressed out if you run out of propane. Prevent such worries from ever occurring by signing up for our home propane services in upstate New York. Contact DiSanto Propane today to get started.