Are you an RV enthusiast? There’s no freedom quite like hitting the open road, traveling wherever you want in our country. With school back in session, you may have noticed that your local camping grounds are much more peaceful and quiet without a gaggle of children running around.

Fall is the perfect time for taking your RV out, especially when you live in upstate New York. Our fall weather is truly spectacular on so many different levels. The weather simply can’t be beat, with the perfect amount of chill in the air. Autumn is easily the most visually stunning season in the northeastern region of the United States, with our abundant trees brightly colored with red, gold, and orange leaves.

Before taking the camper out, take a look at your stove. Is it time to update your RV cooking appliances? Switching to a propane could be a wise choice.

More Than Just Stove Tops

If you decide to use a propane cooking range for your RV, you mind as well use propane to fuel other appliances as well. Propane can be used to heat your water, refrigerate your food, and even warm the interior of your RV.

Clean Energy

Declared by both the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the National Energy Policy Act of 1992 as an alternative energy source, propane burns much cleaner than other energy sources. In comparison to other energy sources, propane releases far fewer emissions into the atmosphere. Furthermore, it releases as a gas, which means it will not pool, spill, or leave behind a toxic residue.   


Propane is readily available, and over 90 percent of the propane supplied in the US is produced within the country. As a byproduct of domestic natural gas production and crude oil, propane will most likely not run out anytime soon.


If you have a power generator, it could be converted to run on propane. Think about it: wouldn’t you rather run your generator using a propane cylinder than dealing with gas cans and flammable liquids like diesel fuel? Propane runs much cleaner and is a safe source of energy as long as you follow simple safety precautions.

Vintage Stoves

If you want a truly retro feel to your camping vehicle, you could decorate a vintage RV with kitschy decor. Believe it or not, propane stoves are available for your unique and colorful kitchen appliances. In fact, there are entire websites dedicated to vintage RV’s, so you could get as creative as you want with your decorations.

Camping in Upstate New York

Once your propane appliances are in place, you can begin your next adventure. If you’re not quite up for driving to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park, there are plenty of beautiful places to camp right here in upstate New York. One of our favorite spots is the Lake George RV Park, which is the perfect destination for unwinding.

Do you need propane for your home or business? Contact our propane suppliers in upstate New York for reliable and timely services. DiSanto Propane provides service, installation, and delivery all across New York.