We’ve taken the time to highlight our residential, home-based propane services on more than one occasion throughout this blog’s history here at DiSanto Propane. Two posts ago, we did exactly that. In our last post, we provided some semi-snarky, yet practical tips in reference to propane use in the home. Although propane is one of the safest, cleanest, and most reliable energy fuel types around, it remains flammable in nature. With that in mind, we offered some tips that included making sure you don’t store flammable liquids, oil-soaked rags, and other similar items next to your propane-fueled appliances. We encourage you to back and read it if you’d like a refresher on propane safety protocol for yourself, your family, or friends!

Who knows, propane safety protocol might be the next hotly-debated topic of conversation at your next dinner party. Guess who will turn heads with their extensive knowledge of the topic? You! From that point on, things will go better for you, we are almost certain. Food will taste better, water will taste more watery. Your clothes will fit better. Your kids will start calling you “Dad” or “Mom” again, rather than by your first name like they are Bart Simpson. It’s gonna be great.

We digress.

Today’s post is about our commercial propane services that we offer here at DiSanto Propane, believe it or not. From agricultural propane to propane school buses and autogas in relation to fleet fueling to our forklift propane cylinder exchange, we’ve got you covered. We are one of the top-rated propane distributors around, and our service area expands well beyond New York and New England. Keep reading if you are interested in ascertaining some knowledge about what we can do for you and your business with our commercial propane services here at DiSanto!

Propane For Business

You might have stumbled upon this blog because someone you deeply respect shared it on a social media platform. You probably said to yourself, “I have no intrinsic interest in propane a fuel-source, but by Jove, this friend of mine has never led me wrong with a link in the past, why would I start doubting him now?!”

You might also have found this blog by typing into your smartphone something to the effect of “commercial propane supplier near me,” in which case we are thrilled you have found us — you are about to get educated on what we have to offer businesses seeking a clean and cost-effective fuel source.

Why Go WIth Propane?

Brilliant, marvelous, stunning question. We will answer your question with another: are you a fan of environmentally-friendly, efficient, safe, and domestic fuel sources? We thought you might be! Let’s take a look at each describer we just listed, if for no other reason than to for you to know that we aren’t blowing smoke.

  • Environmentally-Friendly – Did you know that propane burns quite cleanly? It’s much cleaner than oil at any rate. It also easily meets the EPAs standards for clean air, which is certainly a good thing. On top of that, it’s the most widely-used fuel source in the entire nation! Just kidding, it’s the most widely-used alternative fuel source. Got you good, didn’t we? Current estimates are that propane is used by over 60 million Americans across the nation, comprising between three and four percent of all energy used. Further, using propane contributes to lessening greenhouse gas emissions, as it has been approved by the 1990 Clean Air Act and the National Energy Policy Act of 1992 as a clean fuel. It releases fewer pollutants than alternatives, among which are carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide.
  • Efficiency – Propane-powered engines usually last longer and don’t need as much maintenance when compared with other engine types. It’s a remarkably efficient fuel, which means your business saves money while using it. Whether you need it for fleet-fueling or for propane-based appliances, it’s almost always the right call.
  • Safety – We’ve dedicated entire blogs to safety, like the aforementioned previous post, and that goes to show how dedicated and serious we are about safety as it relates to propane. As a whole, the industry is remarkably thorough in their efforts to ensure proper protocols and educational resources are in place. For example, the GAS Check® program ensures every DiSanto employee is up to date on the most recent standards within the industry. For home and business owners utilizing propane, this means you have a reduced chance of an accident with DiSanto. That is a very good thing!
  • Domestic Fuel Source – Here’s a fun factoid for ya — 90 percent of all propane in existence is produced in the United States! That is neat. But it’s also practically beneficial in that commercial and residential consumers won’t have to worry about foreign markets fluctuating. Granted most people don’t take such information into consideration, but if you have a fleet of school buses that could operate with propane, the impact might worth your consideration.

What Industries Do We Serve?

DiSanto Propane is a great option for a variety of business types. Our propane resources are easy to refuel, require less maintenance than alternatives, release fewer emissions, are more versatile, and save many-a-business owner a substantial amount of money.

Industries we serve are listed and explained below.

  • Propane For Forklifts – Save time and money by switching from gasoline or diesel fuel, both of which create more carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and other nasty byproducts, to propane. Not only is it better for the environment, but propane forklifts run more efficiently than gas. Who doesn’t like saving money on fuel costs?
  • Propane For Contractors – Builders use propane as a temporary heat source while working outside. Depending on the season, contractors and their workers are typically very pleased having a place to warm their hands during breaks or even while on the job.
  • Fleet Fueling – Propane can be used to fuel a range of vehicles, among which are cars, vans, shuttles, and buses. Over 17 million vehicles are fueled by propane autogas, so you know it’s a viable enterprise.
  • Agricultural Propane – Just under 1 million farms use propane to fuel their day-to-day operations! Farmers choose propane because of its affordability, it reduces emissions, its versatility, its availability within the U.S., and the fact that it allows farmers to eliminate their dependence on the grid. It is convenient, affordable, and easy-to-use. What more could a farmer ask for?

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