Since 1937, we at DiSanto Propane have been providing residents of Upstate New York with high-quality propane services. That’s a long time, some 80 years, to be in the propane business. With that experience that spans over three quarters of a century comes the industry-knowledge to set us apart as a propane supplier. At the risk of singing our own praises a touch, we’ll be explaining what sets us apart as a New York propane company in today’s post. After all, the title of today’s post is “why you should consider DiSanto as your propane company,” so cut us some slack if you find this post to be a bit heavy handed with self-lauding.

To be honest, we want you to know why we are the best propane distributor in Upstate New York, so we’ll take the risk as long as it shows why we have been in business for close to a century now! We are a fourth generation, family-owned propane company that provides commercial and residential propane services. For fleet fueling, propane for agricultural equipment, forklift propane, and even propane for contractors and builders, we’ve got our commercial propane clients covered with whatever they need. For our propane for home customers, we offer stable monthly pricing so that homeowners don’t have to worry about a winter energy bill being hundreds more than a summer bill.

We’ll touch more on those points later, but, more generally speaking, we at DiSanto Propane have been in business for close 100 years not by coincidence. We’ve become known in the Upstate New York region for being reliable, affordable, and able to handle whatever the propane need might be. Whatever unexpected situation might arise

DiSanto Propane has been serving the energy needs of Upstate New York since 1937. During our 80 years in business, our propane services have developed a reputation for reliability and dependability that sets us apart from other propane supplier. As a fourth generation family-owned business, we pride ourselves on the ability to ensure quick turnaround times and on-time deliveries. DiSanto Propane also has the ability to adapt to any unexpected situations that our residential, commercial or builder customers might find themselves in. Below you’ll find a list along with a brief explanation of each benefit or propane service.

DiSanto Propane offers:

  • Propane delivery, installation, and service – We’ll come to you. Whether you need fleet fueling consultative services or an underground propane tank installed on your property, we are the dependable propane company you’ve been looking for
  • Automatic delivery scheduling – Big fan of routine, are you? So are we. That’s why we’ve set up automatic delivery scheduling to meet the needs of both our residential and commercial propane clients.
  • Construction and temporary heat services – Don’t get caught in the cold of winter without propane heating for contractors. Your workers will thank you, as will your extremities.
  • Service protection plans – Other propane providers might not give their customers the benefit of the doubt, we do.
  • Fuel budget and Pre-Buy plans – We’ve got you covered with plans that allow you to pay for your propane fuel with the total amount you intend to use in mind.
  • GasCheck certified technicians – While propane is a comparatively safe fuel source, it still needs to be administered by a certified technician with experience in the industry. When you choose DiSanto you can be assured of a GasCeck certified technician coming to your home or place of business.
  • 24-hour emergency service – Speaking of a GasCheck certified technician, you can have one out to wherever you need us, day or night. That’s what working with DiSanto Propane means.

We are the largest independent propane gas retailer in New York State. Simply because we’ve been around long enough to remember the Great Depression doesn’t mean we haven’t been able to adapt to the world’s changes over the past decade or so. More specifically, we are referring to our DiSanto wide-ranging delivery network we’ve employed to make sure our customers get the propane they need, when they need it. We offer numerous propane storage facilities in our service area to make sure you are taken care of. On top of that, we do everything in our power to make sure you receive on-time delivery. Our commitment to customer service doesn’t stop there, however. Choosing DiSanto Propane as your propane company means you get access to automatic delivery schedules, field service, repair, online account management, and much more!

Why Propane?

Okay, you might be reading this post completely enamored with DiSanto Propane and our many benefits, but have you been convinced of propane’s innate qualities? Allow us!

Propane is clean, efficient, safe, and widely-used. Switching to propane for your home or commercial use can reduce that bottom line figure in a significant way. For residential propane users, utilizing propane dryers, ovens and ranges, and fireplaces can lead to dramatic savings. What’s more, if you switch to a propane water heater and turn that tank down to 130 degrees F (instead of the typical 140), you’ll see some serious savings. On top of that, making the change to a propane water heater (over an electric water heater) is vastly more efficient. Propane water heaters often cost one-third less to operate and recover hot water oftentimes twice as quickly as their alternative.

We could say more on the subject, but such figures speak for themselves. One third is nothing at which you should be turning up your nose.

Become A DiSanto Propane Customer Today

So there it is, we laid out our case for switching to propane in general and DiSanto Propane in Upstate New York more specifically. There’s more we could say, of course, but we’d rather answer any of your questions over the phone or in person. If you have any questions, we are here at your service to provide you with experienced knowledge in the field of propane. We’ll even listen to what you are looking for and provide you with our recommendation to give you the propane services that meet your needs best. Call our customer service representatives (toll-free) at 800-752-4574 during regular business hours. We appreciate your time and hope that you give us the chance to show you the DiSanto difference. Contact us today!