Summer is officially in full-swing. In case you are an alien or were born in a cave in Siberia, that means the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the grass is green, the sky is blue, the fruit is fresh, the kids are finally outdoors playing rather than bugging you, and the back patio is calling out to be inhabited by you and your best friends sharing a few brewskis.

Of course, that run-on sentence is just scratching the proverbial surface when it comes to what we at DiSanto Propane love so much about summer. For one, the cold is gone, and while that means people are using less propane to heat their homes, folks are getting outside and grilling on their propane-fueled grills much more often.

Not only does that keep our Mighty Flame Tank Exchange business pumping, which is never a bad thing, but it makes us happy that everyone is getting outdoors, off their phones (ideally), and out in nature. Sure, it might be a ten-foot jaunt from your backdoor to your grill, but fresh air is fresh air, doggone it, and we won’t be convinced otherwise.


Of course, some folks are actually going outside farther than the distance between the grill and the backdoor. We believe these strange folks are called “campers,” although we can neither confirm nor deny such information.

Just kidding, everybody needs to go out and camp for at least one weekend each year! It’s great; you’ve got your tent or pop-up camper (or an RV if you are swimming in the Benjamins), your firewood, your portable propane grill for frying eggs in the morning, your propane-powered lantern so you can play cards with the family by at night time, and you’ve got each other. The latter point is great for the first 48 hours of the trip, but people might need to take a solo hike or two after being in such close proximity to one another for an extended period of time. This is especially the case if it’s a “no phones” camping trip, which can lead to either great bonding time or extreme symptoms of technological withdrawal. That diagnosis and syndrome will no doubt become officially accepted by the DSM in the near future, by the way.

We digress. Camping is wonderful for more reasons than simply escaping technology and being able to experience some quality time with the family no doubt. We live in New England, well most of us who are reading this blog do, and by golly, it doesn’t get much better than Upstate New York, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire when it comes to beautiful temperate foliage.

Some of our favorite camping sites in Maine include Stephen Phillips Memorial Preserve, Mount Blue State Park, and Wolfe’s Neck Oceanfront Camping (once called Recompense Shore). In New Hampshire, you’ve got White Lake State Park and Northern Waters Outfitters in Errol. In Vermont, you’ve got Smugglers’ Notch State Park near the luxurious and breathtaking Stowe, VT, Campbell’s Bay Campground, and North Beach Campground in Burlington if you’d like a little shoreline and water to go with your pristine flora.

In terms of New York camping, we love Cranberry Lake Campground, Cherry Plain State Park, Watkins Glen State Park, North Pole Resorts, and Glimmerglass State Park alongside Otsego Lake, which happens to be right next door to Cooperstown, a very happening spot.

We love camping in this part of the USA in the summer and autumn, now that we think about it. It might be a bit more brisk in the fall (so be sure to pack an extra blanket or two), but the leaves changing in Upstate New York and the rest of the region more than make up for the the decline in temperature.


Another reason your local NY propane supplier loves the summer so much is because it’s time for America’s pastime to finally take center stage. The NBA finals are over (or will be soon), the Stanley Cup playoffs and the marathon that they are have finally come to an end (we have immense respect for any team that can win 16 games to take home Lord Stanley’s Cup), and shockingly, the Buffalo Sabres were not involved in the slightest. Nor will they be any time in the near future, if the recent past is any indicator. However, as an aside (this post is full of them today!), the number one overall pick happened to fall to Buffalo in this year’s draft lottery, and that means the Sabres will almost certainly be drafting a young Swede named Rasmus Dahlin, who has been dubbed a “generational talent” by many pundits, while being named the best defensive prospect the draft has seen since Drew Doughty. For any of our fellow Sabres fans out there, this spells very, very good news. If you are a Rangers or an Islanders fan, we don’t have much to say to you!

Back to baseball, the summer sport, right? Whether you are a Yankees fan, a Mets fan, a transplant Rockies fan, or a (heaven forbid) Red Sox fan, now is the time we can all enjoy a game almost every day. Even if you aren’t paying attention to every single pitch, it’s tough to beat having a game on in the background when it comes to creating a better American summer atmosphere. Of course, we can think of a few things that enhances the vibe even more — brews, buds, and brats.

Or you can go with burgers or chicken or pork chops or whatever you want. Instead of beer you can go with chillers or cocktails; we don’t discriminate. And instead of your buds, how about an empty yard with nobody in the house to cause a racket? Maybe they went camping and you stayed home for the weekend for “work.” We won’t tell anyone. All that is left is you, your propane grill, a ribeye filet, a six pack, as well as Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton to keep you company. While they go yard, you’ll be in your yard, cheering them on. Unless you don’t like the Yankees, which is completely understandable. But, objectively speaking, those boys can hit.

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It’s been quite the journey, today’s post. We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed our meandering thoughts about summertime as much as we enjoyed composing them. If there is one thing you take away from this DiSanto Propane blog post, it’s that we are your Upstate NY propane supplier. We offer monthly billing and fixed rates so that you can get stable pricing all year long. Become a customer today!