DiSanto Propane has been serving upstate New York for what is close to a full century. We’ve been in the propane service since 1937, to be exact, which is 80 years of being in the propane company. Let’s think about that for a second, if you will allow us the indulgence. That means that right around the same time as prohibition, The Spirit of St. Louis’ flight across the Atlantic, Women’s Suffrage, the dust bowl, The New Deal, and even the construction of the Empire State Building all took place just before DiSanto Propane was founded. Here are some major events that have happened in America since DiSanto Propane was established:

• Women started to work in factories
• Jackie Robinson played in Major League Baseball
• The Vietnam War
• The first man in space
• The first Super Bowl
• The Civil Rights Act
• The Cold War
• Desert Storm
• You were born (most likely)
• The internet is invented
• Y2K
• 9/11
• Many other significant events that would take a long time to list which don’t necessarily pertain to propane services.

We state this, firstly because it’s fun to take a step back and think about recent history. But secondly because it’s important to highlight the fact that we, at DiSanto Propane, are a fourth-generation, family-owned business. When you have been around that long, it means you have a formula for success.

Our formula for success is to provide exceptional service to our wide variety of customers. What that means in practicality is that we are a propane provider that has the ability to adapt to any unanticipated circumstances that might arise with any of our residential, commercial, or builder customer bases. We are there for you no matter the propane job type:

• Propane delivery, installation, and service
• Automatic delivery scheduling
• Construction and temporary heat services
• Service protection plans
• Fuel budget and Pre-Buy plans
• GasCheck certified technicians
• 24-hour emergency service

In today’s post, we will be taking a step back from the details of our lengthy history, in favor of providing our readers with some practical facts you may not have known about propane in general, propane as a clean fuel, and our many propane locations throughout upstate New York. Continue reading if you would like to impress your fellow propane junkie friends with some fun facts related to propane fuel and the like.

Propane Defined

Let’s start with the basics for those of us who aren’t propane experts. Propane can be defined as the substance which is separated from crude oil during the process of refining. It is also extracted from natural gas, or wellhead gas at certain processing plants. Generally speaking, propane is transported and stored while it is liquid under a decent amount of pressure or refrigeration. This is done for both economical and ergonomic reasons, in terms of ease-of-handling during transportation and distribution. When said pressure is released (or when the temperature increases past a certain point), propane functions as a flammable gas. In its natural state, propane is both colorless and odorless, so typically a sort of odorant is added to help it be more detectable.

Propane Is A Clean Fuel

When properly utilized, one of propane’s chief advantages is that it is a clean burning fuel, which has the net effect of less pollutants being distributed into the atmosphere. The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) promotes the efficient and safe utilization of odorized propane gas as an energy source. PERC is devoted to clean American innovation, and that means that they endorse the research, development, and demonstration of propane-powered technologies for businesses, farms, fleets, and even homeowners. PERC has found that it’s the case that more and more consumers of all kinds are in need of powerful equipment that have the ability to reduce emissions and cut costs. Here are just a few of the many U.S. manufacturers that are committing to propane for economic and environmental reasons:

• Generac Power Systems
• Marathon Engine Systems
• Freightliner Custom Chassis
• Roush Cleantech
• Power Solutions International
• Origin Engines
• Kohler Power Systems and Kohler
• Exmark Manufacturing Co.

To that end, DiSanto Commercial Propane Services provides the energy needs for a plethora of Upstate New York businesses, such as restaurants, retail stores, construction sites, wineries and vineyards, as well as hotels. All kinds of businesses are switching to the more energy and cost efficient propane solution. Why wouldn’t you be next?
Our Locations
Keep in mind that our Disanto Propane locations are peppered throughout upstate New York, for your convenience. Our services areas are located in the following cities:

• Clyde, NY, 14433
• Genoa, NY, 13071
• Weedsport, NY, 13166
• Mt. Morris, NY, 14510
• Canastota, NY, 13032
• Greene, NY, 13778
• Bath, NY, 14810
• Nichols, NY, 13812
• Geneva, NY, 14456
• Newburgh, NY, 12550

For full location and service area information, visit our location page. Get started with Upstate New York’s number 1 propane company today!