In one of our recent blogs, we asked an incredibly important question: what would you do with the money you save by switching to propane? We highlighted a few of our favorite options such as making improvements around your home, traveling somewhere special on a trip with your family, and treating yourself to something you’ve wanted for awhile.

Today’s blog exists to answer that very question again. There are plenty more things you could do with the money you can save by signing up for our propane services, and in today’s post we’ll highlight three more of our favorites.

Use the Money You Save To…

Do Some Landscaping

In our previous blog on this topic, we made the suggestion to fix up a few things on the inside of your house, but you could also consider a change or two to boost your home’s curb appeal. It could be as simple as choosing a new color for your home’s exterior and having it painted by professionals or adding a few shrubs underneath your window sills. Of course you could also go big and add a swimming pool in your backyard or build a new patio. At the end of the day, making improvements to the exterior of your home can have a big effect.

Update Your Wardrobe

Many of us have a hard time letting go of our clothing. Even if it sits in the closet and you haven’t worn it in over a year, it can be tough to do away with it. Take this opportunity to buy some new clothing for yourself or for your family members. Everyone could use a wardrobe update from time to time–hey, clothes don’t last forever, you know–and this is as good of a time as any to get something nice for yourself.

Take Up a Hobby

The fact of the matter is that hobbies aren’t always cheap. Whether it’s collecting coins, purchasing tools to do some woodworking, or taking up photography, it costs money to get started. Regardless of the hobby, you might need to purchase some reading material before you can even figure out where to begin. Once you have an idea, you’ll still need film for that camera, blades for the tablesaw, and a keen eye for which coins to add to your collection. Whatever hobby you choose, having some money to put towards it at the offset can prove to be beneficial in getting yourself started.

New York Propane Services You Can Rely On

At DiSanto Propane, we want to make the process as easy as possible for you. Making the switch to propane can save you big on a yearly basis and that means more money in your pocket to do the things you want. That sounds like a win/win to us!

To get started, contact us today. We’ve been serving upstate New York for over 80 years and we would love nothing more than to be the propane suppliers who allow you to have more money in your pocket.